Agua Spa has a relaxation area, a therapeutic saltwater heated pool and a dry sauna available 24 hours for our guests.

The rituals of treatment in Agua SPA are in charge of Amazon Secrets and were created to relax and take care of the skin at a therapeutic and aesthetic level. The products used are 100% natural and organic from sustainable crops, which respect not only the nature but also the culture of the people.

With exfoliating oils and natural extracts with scienti?c and clinically proven therapeutic capabilities, which provide an experience that goes beyond well-being and beauty.

About Amazon Secrets Spa
The consciousness of the physical and energetic body and its relationship with nature is the starting point of the experiences of Amazon Secrets SPA.

With natural therapeutic orientation, the Amazon Secrets SPA experiences seek physical and energetic balance through the combination of di?erent techniques and therapeutic lines, including massage therapy, herbal medicine, geotherapy, sound therapy, oleotherapy and water therapy, among others. , to relieve and heal pains and eliminate stress.